One of the worst-case scenarios for any industrial steam boiler is something called thermal shock. This refers to a safety issue from within the boiler that can have dire consequences. However, it’s an issue that can be either prevented or minimized with careful monitoring.Contact Us

From heating to sterilization to laundry services, hospitals rely on their steam boilers for so many essential operations. As a result, they need to do their homework when it comes time to choose a new boiler. Each hospital is distinct, but for the most part, hospitals have largely the same needs when it comes to steam boilers. Here is a look at what hospitals should be looking for to make sure they end up with the right boiler.Contact Us

A reliable and efficient boiler can be a great asset for dairy companies. The process of pasteurization requires heating products to specific temperatures in order to kill bacteria and other pathogens without influencing taste. A dairy steam boiler is a great way to create the necessary heat, not to mention it’s useful in heating the facility, sanitizing the equipment, and other tasks food processors need to accomplish on a daily basis. While each dairy has distinct needs, here is a look at a few factors to consider when choosing a dairy steam boiler. Contact Us

Hospitals deal with emergencies on a daily basis. If a hospital were to lose service from its boiler system, they wouldn’t be able to heat the building, sterilize equipment, or perform other vital hospital functions. That’s exactly why having an N+1 redundancy on a hospital boiler is critical.Contact Us

In many ways, steam boilers are the unsung heroes in breweries. Even the best breweries in the world wouldn’t be able to get anything accomplished if they didn’t have a top-notch boiler system in place. Let’s take a closer look at all the ways steam boilers make the process of brewing and bottling beer possible.Contact Us