On the surface, doctors, nurses, and X-ray machines may seem like the most important things in a hospital. To be fair, those are all essential items, particularly the doctors and nurses. However, one thing that’s rarely seen inside a hospital but is indispensable to its daily operations is the boiler system. If the boiler system in a hospital were to shut down, it’s not an exaggeration to say the whole hospital would have to shut down. To explain, let’s take a look at all the ways boilers are used in hospitals.Contact Us

How to Choose a Distillery Steam BoilerIf you work in a distillery, you should know how important your steam boiler is to the alcohol creation process, as well as the bottling process. You could even go as far as to say that boiler steam is a key ingredient in most spirits. This makes a new boiler a critical investment for distilleries of all sizes. Not every distillery will have the same exact needs, but for the most part, they’ll have the same things in mind when looking for a boiler. Here is a close look at the most important factors a distillery should consider when choosing a steam boiler.Contact Us

One of the most important components that make a hospital run is the steam needed to power the autoclave sterilizer. Hospital laboratories and operating rooms use autoclave sterilizers on a regular basis to sterilize a wide variety of instruments needed for medical procedures. Without it, hospitals couldn’t guarantee that their medical equipment and instruments were free of germs and bacteria, making it essential to any hospital.Contact Us

One of the most overlooked aspects of brewing beer is the brewery steam boiler. Obviously, making a good beer is about finding the right mix of ingredients, but breweries need steam to boil water, sterilize important instruments, and when the beer is poured into kegs. In short, the boiler room at any brewery is an essential part of the operation, so breweries of all sizes need to make sure their boiler room is top-notch. Here are a few tips on how to make that happen.Contact Us

While unseen by most, a steam boiler is one of the most important pieces of equipment inside any hospital. Steam boilers are responsible for supplying hospitals with heat, humidity, hot water, and sterilization, all of which are essential for the hospital to function. For that reason, it’s important for hospitals to have boilers with a long lifespan so they can get the most out of them. At the same time, it’s also crucial to recognize when a boiler’s life has run its course and when it’s time to replace it.Contact Us