Responding in part to a statewide mandate to improve energy efficiency in public buildings, Bryce State Hospital in Tuscaloosa, AL recently decommissioned its central steam plant, opting instead to install Miura steam boilers in each of its three buildings. As a result, not only has the facility greatly reduced its energy output, but the hospital reports cutting its natural gas costs by nearly half in the process.

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Today’s industrial steam boilers are remarkably safe.

Yet, experts suggest that some are safer than others, not simply based on physics, but on a range of everyday, routine operations.Contact Us

One of the most overlooked aspects of hospitals is the responsibility the staff has to keep all of the medical tools and instruments properly sterilized. If a hospital can’t guarantee that these utensils have been sterilized, they won’t be able to treat patients in a sanitary way or carry on with their normal operations. At the heart of the sterilization process is the hospital’s steam plant or boiler system.Contact Us

On the surface, doctors, nurses, and X-ray machines may seem like the most important things in a hospital. To be fair, those are all essential items, particularly the doctors and nurses. However, one thing that’s rarely seen inside a hospital but is indispensable to its daily operations is the boiler system. If the boiler system in a hospital were to shut down, it’s not an exaggeration to say the whole hospital would have to shut down. To explain, let’s take a look at all the ways boilers are used in hospitals.Contact Us