Miura’s unique design of water tube steam boilers has many advantages, including better safety, more fuel efficiency, and fewer emissions of harmful substances. However, such stark differences from traditional fire tube boilers has caused many people who are unfamiliar with our design to ponder if our boilers require special water treatment. However, this is simply not the case. Miura boilers don’t require water treatment that’s any different from any other boiler on the market.Contact Us

Hard water is one of the worst things that can happen to your industrial boiler. Hard water contains elements like magnesium and calcium that can build up in your boiler to form what’s known as scaling. Once scaling starts to take place, it can significantly decrease the efficiency of your boiler, causing your fuel costs to skyrocket and decreasing the lifespan of your boiler. Fortunately, Miura makes it easy to monitor your water’s hardness so that you can prevent scaling before it starts. Contact Us

What is the Benefit of a Once-Through Boiler Design

The design of so-called “once-through” boilers are distinct from the traditional fire tube boilers of yesteryear. Modular, on-demand boilers manufactured by companies like Miura that have a “once-through” vertical tube for producing steam are finally starting to catch on, and with good reason. The “once-through” system offers a number of benefits for facilities that need to produce large amounts of steam on a regular basis. But at the top of the list of benefits is how quickly they get started.Contact Us

The unique design of Miura’s boilers helps companies add space in their boiler rooms, adjust to fluctuations in steam demand, save on fuel costs, and reduce emissions of harmful substances like NOx. However, while the design of the boiler is important, Miura’s Multiple Installation system also plays a huge role in helping companies accomplish all of that and more.Contact Us

Safety is always a top priority when working with industrial boilers, at least it should be. Fortunately, safety has become less of an issue with more modern water tube boilers. Compared to traditional fire tube boilers, water tube boilers are far safer, almost to the point where you don’t have to worry about a catastrophic explosion taking place.Contact Us