When an industrial steam boiler breaks down, companies often find themselves in a tough position. It’s often difficult to continue normal business operations without a boiler that’s functioning properly. Unfortunately, most see renting a boiler as the only solution until the purchase of a new boiler. The problem with that is renting a boiler can be quite expensive. Contact Us

Renting a steam boiler can seem like the only option you have when your current boiler breaks down and you need to get operations started again as soon as possible. Unfortunately, renting a boiler is a deeply flawed process that’s filled with hidden costs. All things considered, renting a boiler can turn out to be a big waste of money, especially when you consider the alternative options. Contact Us

When it comes to boilers, various models are often distinguished by what type of fuel is used to power them. It’s always important to note the kind of fuel a boiler needs because it can often make an essential difference in your operating costs. It can also make a difference in your environmental impact, so it’s important to be familiar with all of the various types of boiler fuel. Contact Us

One of the latest advances in the world of industrial steam boilers is the advent of low NOx boilers. This innovative type of steam boiler helps companies reduce their carbon footprint in addition to helping them improve their bottom line. Of course, it’s important to understand how these boilers work and what it means for a boiler to be labeled “low NOx.” Contact Us

Choosing the right Miura boiler to fit the needs of your business usually depends on your industry. Companies in various industries tend to have different needs when it comes to steam. Fortunately, Miura’s boilers are versatile enough to help companies and organizations in several industries meet their specific needs. Contact Us