FAQ: Which Miura Boiler Model Should I Choose — EX or LX?

To best serve our customers in a wide variety of industries, Miura manufactures two series of modular boilers: the EX and the LX. Both are superior to traditional fire tube boilers regarding fuel efficiency, safety, and how quickly they can start producing steam. However, there are distinctions between the two series models that will affect what one is the right for you.


The LX series is most noteworthy because of its size. All of Miura’s modular boilers are smaller than conventional fire tube boilers, but the LX is roughly half the size of a fire tube boiler. It’s small enough to fit through a doorway, making it easier to install and add extra boilers when steam needs increase. The LX also offers the smallest footprint per horsepower output of any boiler on the market, so it does not lack for strength despite its size.

In addition to its advantageous size, the LX series of modular boilers are ideal for reducing environmental impact as much as possible. One of Miura’s LX boilers can reduce emissions of NOx to as little as 9ppm. For companies that pride themselves on being environmentally friendly or need to adhere to stringent emission standards, a boiler from Miura’s LX series will be the best option available.


The EX series of boilers aren’t quite at the same level of LX regarding size and emissions. They still have a smaller footprint than conventional boilers, but they only reduce NOx emissions to around 30ppm. However, just like the LX series, EX boilers utilize water tube technology and are capable of producing steam from a cold startup in less than five minutes. Regarding efficiency, the EX is tough to beat, as it produces dry 99% saturated steam.

The EX model also offers both flexibility and efficiency regarding fuel use. These boilers can run on oil, natural gas, or vaporized propane. This makes it possible to switch back and forth among several different fuel types based on the price of each, helping facilities to save money on fuel without sacrificing productivity from their industrial boiler. For companies that need an efficient boiler and are looking to save money on fuel, Miura’s EX model should be given strong consideration.

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