Reduce Boiler Scale With Miura’s Colormetry Hardness Detector

colormetrial hardness detector

One serious issue to be aware of when working with industrial boilers is scaling. This is when the hardness of the water inside the boiler gets so bad that it turns into hard calcium, which is also known as scale. Scaling can drastically impact the efficiency of the boiler, forcing you to use more fuel and get more frequent servicing in order to make the boiler function. Fortunately, Miura offers a colormetry hardness detection system that can help you prevent scaling before it becomes a problem.

Most of the time, checking the hardness of the water inside a boiler is done manually through the use of chemical reagents. In addition to being a time-consuming process, manually checking for hard water doesn’t always yield accurate results, which can prevent you from taking appropriate action to reduce boiler scale.

Fortunately, Miura’s colormetry hardness detection system addresses these problems. The hardness detection system is fully integrated into the boiler control system. It will automatically inject and mix the chemical reagent into the boiler’s water to monitor the quality of the water. Then it gives the results of its evaluation on a digital screen so you can see if scaling is starting to become a problem or not.

If any hardness leakage is detected, an alarm will sound to notify the person monitoring the boiler system. It’s also possible to send the alarm to a remote location in case no one is physically near the boiler at the time an issue is first detected. The system also has a memory function to record the time and duration of hardness leakage, which is important for analyzing the case of the problem.

In addition to its usefulness, Miura’s colormetry hardness detector has a compact design and is easy to install and manage. The cartridge containing the chemical reagents only needs to be replaced around every four months and is done so with a one-touch, simple motion. The system is also self-calibrating, so you don’t have to spend time with routine calibrations. Plus, the colormetry hardness detector is connected to Miura’s remote monitoring system, giving you the added security of knowing that if there’s a problem with scaling it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

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