How Miura Steam Boilers Can Help Prevent Catastrophic Failure


Whether you’re using steam boilers in a brewery, hospital, or any other industry, safety should always be a top concern. There’s always a certain amount of risk when working with combustible boilers, and if something goes wrong, the damage has the potential to be catastrophic.

Fortunately, Miura can ensure proper steam boiler safety and prevent failures that have disastrous consequences. Miura has an impeccable reputation when it comes to safety thanks to the way their compact water tube boilers work.

“Our company has installed and or serviced roughly 250 compact water tube Miura boilers,” says sales rep Brandon Hargett of Boiler Masters, “and we've never had a documented water side explosion on any of them. Even going back to Japan, where the Miura company was first founded, they have not had a single catastrophic failure either.”

Here are a few of the ways that Miura boilers help prevent catastrophic boiler room failures.

Advanced Design

Miura’s unique design is a big part of what makes its boilers safer than the average boiler. Miura manufactures compact water tube boilers that place a minimal amount of water in the boiler at any given time. With Miura’s unique design, all the water stays within the tubes, and so any failure remains localized, meaning any kind of catastrophic explosion is virtually impossible.

Safety Controls

With conventional boilers, it’s possible to bypass important safety and control measures. However, this is difficult to do in a Miura boiler. Bypassing certain safety checks within the boiler can make it more susceptible to side explosions of both fire and water. But with Miura’s design, there are certain probes and contacts that must be made before the boiler can run, adding another layer of safety that other boilers tend to bypass.

Monitoring System

Miura and Miura sales representatives have the ability to monitor Miura boilers remotely. They can look up information about any particular boiler in real time to determine if there’s a problem. Often times, Miura personnel can instruct those onsite on how to fix the problem, allowing the boiler to get back online as soon as possible before a small problem becomes a bigger problem.

Fails Through Stack (Not Doors)

According to tests performed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), even if a Miura boiler fails, it fails better than ordinary boilers. Testing by the ASME shows that if a Miura boiler fails, it will do so out of its stack, not its doors. A boiler blowing off its doors during an explosion can have catastrophic consequences. But energy being released from the stack, which is what happens in the event a Miura boiler fails, won’t cause nearly as much damage.

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