How Do Modular Boilers Work?


Modular boiler systems offer a wealth of benefits for businesses looking for reliability, efficiency, and safety.

These benefits include scalability, long-term durability, flexibility in boiler room design, and outstanding energy and cost savings. Modular boilers function at a high level of efficiency and are well-suited for a variety of steam needs. Let’s walk through how modular boilers work, and what you can expect when you invest in one of these units from Miura Boiler.

Modular boilers work in tandem with each other

Modular boilers are comprised of a group of small boilers that work together and function as a single boiler, with one master controller delivering variable levels of steam. The development of the modular boiler was designed to deal with the problem of limited boiler room space, while also providing the highest level of efficiency to meet the needs of companies with fluctuating steam demands.

Miura’s compact, modular boilers deliver the same steam capacity as conventional boiler designs, thanks to their low-volume pressure vessel.

Each module runs independently of the others

Every Miura modular boiler ships with its own burner that works separately from the other modules. One of the key benefits of the modular design is that if one of the modules needs repairs or maintenance, the others can continue working and providing enough steam while it receives service.

Rotating boilers last longer

Because each module may be alternated according to workload, there is a significant reduction in wear and tear on each section. Rotating out units also lets maintenance technicians provide service without shutting off any of the other modules. That means you don’t have to worry about losing precious operation time due to maintenance or repairs.

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Modularity saves money by improving efficiency

Thanks to the ability to quickly turn boilers on or off, modular boilers conserve water and fuel that would normally be wasted by traditional boilers. The improved fuel efficiency can add up to a 20% savings in annual fuel costs. Another benefit of Miura’s modular boilers are the lower emissions of nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide, as the boilers only run when they’re needed.

Ensure scalability with Miura’s Multiple Installation System (MI)

With Miura’s Multiple Installation System (MI), companies can configure an on-demand steam plant to address their fluctuating steam needs. The MI system provides the flexibility needed to build to present steam loads within precise tolerances. One of the main advantages of the MI system is scalability. Simply add or remove modules, as needed, to meet steam requirements as your operations grow.

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