In the dairy industry, an efficient steam boiler is almost as necessary to operations as the cows themselves. Steam heat plays a critical role in turning raw milk into high-quality dairy products that are safe for public consumption. That’s why the choice of a good dairy steam boiler is one of the most important decisions a dairy must make.Contact Us

Located just outside Madison, Wisconsin, Dancing Goat is a family-run craft distillery utilizing state-of-the-art technology and techniques to create their unique and flavorful whiskey, vodka, gin, and other spirits. It comes as little surprise that this up-and-coming distillery chose Miura Boilers to provide consistent, efficient steam generation for their distillery needs.Contact Us

An increasing number of colleges and universities are making the commitment to move toward sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint. One of the more recent large campuses to make the leap is Duke University in Durham, NC, who recently installed 15 Miura LX-series gas-fired steam boilers as part of a $25 million renovation of its East Campus Steam Plant.Contact Us

Based in Glen Raven, NC, Glen Raven Technical Fabrics, LLC has been in business for nearly a century, creating performance textiles used to make awnings, sails, boat canopies, outdoor furniture, and other outdoor items. As such, the factory experiences widely fluctuating load demands for steam. Since replacing its two large conventional boilers with five Miura EX300 industrial steam boilers, the factory is now operating at efficiency rates between 80 and 87 percent, according to recently retired Plant Engineer Steve Holt.Contact Us

In 2009, FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals in Dayton, TN, underwent an energy efficiency survey — a joint effort with Tennessee Tech University and the U.S Department of Energy. The results of that survey revealed a need to upgrade the factory’s outdated steam plant — ultimately leading the company to replace their old locomotive-style boilers with two Miura EX-200 SGO dual-fuel boilers. Since making the switch, FUJIFILM’s Maintenance Manager Manuel Calero says they are already saving 33 percent in natural gas costs, with the expectation to improve that number even further.Contact Us