Choosing a steam boiler for your facility is an enormous decision — especially if you’re looking for a cost-effective option that will last you for years to come. Luckily, by prioritizing safety and energy efficiency, your facility can actually end up saving money in the short-term and the long-term.Contact Us

The right type of boiler for your business is largely dependent on your industry. Often times, consulting with other businesses in your industry is the best way to find the right boiler. However, more and more industries are finding that a modular boiler system is the right fit. Here are a few industries that have begun to see great benefits in using a modular boiler system.Contact Us

One of the latest advances in steam production technology is the use of water tube boilers. This type of boiler is distinct from conventional fire tube boilers. Water tube boilers are more efficient than fire tube boilers, generating more steam but using less fuel. They are also much safer than fire tube boilers and easier to manage when it comes to routine inspections and maintenance. So how exactly do these water tube boilers operate?Contact Us

Washing clothes requires massive amounts of hot water, not to mention steam that’s used to dry, iron, and press clothes. With such unique needs, laundry companies are a perfect fit for Miura’s modular steam boilers, which can help businesses in the laundry industry save both money and energy.Contact Us

For many years, large fire tube boilers have been the only game in town for businesses or organizations that needed to produce large volumes of steam. However, advances in technology and design have created an alternative option in form of modular water tube steam boilers. A modular boiler system is distinct from traditional boilers but the results are similar, if not better. Let’s take a closer look at the modular steam boiler to better understand how it works and how it’s different from conventional boilers.Contact Us