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Southeastern HealthLumberton, North Carolina, June 15, 2017 – When it came time to change out their steam plant, Joe Buri, Director of Facility Services at Southeastern Health, which has a history that dates back to 1906, initially planned to go with the traditional boilers they were using. Contact Us

Proper industrial boiler maintenance is critical for ensuring optimal efficiency and safety of your facility. Because steam boiler problems typically occur over a long period of time, regular monitoring and maintenance go a long way in avoiding failures or catastrophic disasters. Contact Us

Behind every great brewery is a steam boiler that makes it all possible. In fact, a steam boiler is one of the most important investments a brewery must make. Contact Us


One of the first steps toward securing a safe building is ensuring a safe boiler room. Any accident or malfunction in the steam boiler is potentially dangerous, and so every detail in boiler room safety is important and can’t be overlooked.

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Whether you’re using steam boilers in a brewery, hospital, or any other industry, safety should always be a top concern. There’s always a certain amount of risk when working with combustible boilers, and if something goes wrong, the damage has the potential to be catastrophic.

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