Industrial Boiler maintenance is critical for ensuring optimal efficiency and safety of your facility. Because steam boiler problems typically occur over a long period of time, regular monitoring and maintenance go a long way in avoiding failures or catastrophic disasters. Contact Us

What Facility Engineers Should Look For in a Steam Boiler

Part of the job of a facility engineer is monitoring that facility’s boiler to make sure it’s running properly and efficiently. Of course, when it’s time to find a new steam boiler, the facility engineer will also have heavy influence with regard to what boiler the facility purchases. Thus, facility engineers should know what their top priorities should be when looking for a new boiler. If you work as a facility engineer, here are a few of the features you should pay attention to when looking for in a new steam boiler.Contact Us

Miura boilers are a perfect match for a wide-variety of industries, including everything from large college campuses to small craft breweries. However, we’re most proud of the way our boilers help those in the healthcare industry. With the way our boilers help facilities save space and easily adjust to fluctuating steam needs, they are ideal for hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities. The compact size of our boilers also makes it easy for hospitals to comply with the N+1 system requirements.Contact Us

How Quick Ship Xpress Saves Your Facility Money

If you’ve ever had an industrial boiler break down, your first instinct is usually to order a rental boiler as soon as possible. After all, odds are your facility can’t function without a working boiler for very long. However, in this case, your first instinct may not necessarily be your best option. Instead of renting a boiler when your current one has a problem, buying a new boiler from Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program can help you get a better boiler and save you money at the same time.Contact Us

colormetrial hardness detector

One serious issue to be aware of when working with industrial boilers is scaling. This is when the hardness of the water inside the boiler gets so bad that it turns into hard calcium, which is also known as scale. Scaling can drastically impact the efficiency of the boiler, forcing you to use more fuel and get more frequent servicing in order to make the boiler function. Fortunately, Miura offers a colormetry hardness detection system that can help you prevent scaling before it becomes a problem.Contact Us