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Avoid the Hidden Costs of Rental Boilers

Avoid the Hidden Costs of Rental Boilers

Let’s face it; there’s no good time for a boiler to stop working. Often, if you can’t find a quick fix, you’re forced to look at rental boilers. Even if your boiler isn’t broken, you may be forced to get a rental boiler if your current boiler is running at full capacity and is still unable to meet your needs because it’s not as efficient as it needs to be. Unfortunately, renting a boiler is far from a perfect solution, even if it sometimes seems like your only option.

For starters, the process is filled with hidden costs. It’s likely that you’re losing productivity and money while waiting for the rented boiler to arrive and be installed, and the same goes for when you’re uninstalling the rented one and getting the new boiler set up. Often, the fact that you have to take money out of your budget to pay for a rental boiler means you’ll have less to spend on a permanent one, so your options become limited.

On top of all that, rented boilers are rarely new. They’re typically older boilers that have many years of wear and tear on them. They’re not going to be the most efficient boiler you’ve ever had, or even reliable, and there’s bound to be service and training costs. Sometimes, they’re not even available. Renting a boiler could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars you didn’t plan on spending, on top of lost productivity and the other hidden costs.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid having to rent a boiler and suffer all of the costs associated with doing so. The answer is Quick Ship Xpress, a program offered by Miura that can eliminate the need for renting boilers altogether. Miura has several industrial steam boiler models available that can be purchased and delivered quickly through Quick Ship Xpress and become the permanent solution when you have a boiler that is no longer working or operating at a high level.

Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress program has found a way to streamline the process of replacing your boiler, eliminating the need to spend money on a costly rental. In most cases, a Miura boiler can be shipped to you within 48 hours.

If you’re in need of a rental boiler, it usually means you’ll soon be in the market for a new permanent boiler. With Miura’s Quick Ship Xpress, you can cut out the middleman (or in this case, the middle boiler) and have a new permanent boiler shipped within two days. It’s the best way to avoid all of the hidden, and not so hidden, costs that come with renting a boiler.

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