Steam Boilers and N+1 Solutions

Miura equips its industrial boiler systems with a 100 percent back up — also known as an N+1 redundancy — should a boiler go down. This means your systems will continue to run smoothly without service interruption. How does Miura's N+1 solutions work? These small, space-saving steam boilers act like one large unit with large turndown ratios — all while maintaining the highest in-service efficiencies you'll find anywhere in the global market.

Backup Boiler Solutions

What is the importance of an N+1 redundancy?

Redundancies, or the duplication of critical functions or components within a system, are vital in the world of engineering because they can help increase the overall reliability of a system. N+1 refers to a type of redundancy that safeguards a system's overall availability should a component experience a sudden failure. As a formula, N+1 implies that components (N) are paired with at least one independent backup component (+1).

How N+1 backup solutions save space

An added bonus of an N+1 solution is the amount of space you save. In general, Miura can reduce new construction space by half or double the output in the same space. The N+1 redundancy solution is just one of many reasons why Miura remains the go-to boiler solution provider for businesses across many different industries, ranging from breweries and distilleries to textile factories and food processing plants.

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