LXW Series Hot-Water Boilers


Multiple water tube, Hot-water boiler. Miura's Low NOx Hot-Water Boiler utilizes a flat shaped burner and rectangular shaped boiler vessel uniquely designed for the LXW.

  • Typically only one-third the footprint of conventional firetube boilers
  • Low NOx gas burner with “Quenched flame”
  • Up to 175HP per boiler
Item # Utilization Horsepower Maximum Pressure Heat Output
Heating Surface Area
LXW-50G 50 BHP 160 PSIG 1,674,000 BTU/hr 176.5 ft²
LXW-100G 100 BHP 160 PSIG 3,348,000 BTU/hr 246.7 ft²
LXW-150G 150 BHP 160 PSIG 5,022,000 BTU/hr 404 ft²
LXW-175G 175 BHP 160 PSIG 5,859,000 BTU/hr 404 ft²