5 Must-Have Industrial Boiler Ancillaries

5 Must-Have Industrial Boiler Ancillaries

If you want your industrial boiler to perform as well as possible, you’re going to need to give it some support. This often includes ancillary products that can help improve the efficiency and safety of your boiler. With help from these five must-have ancillaries, you can get the most out of your boiler.

1. Water Softener

The elements Calcium and magnesium that are dissolved in your water supply can cause scale to form on your boiler tube surfaces, which can lead to both overheating and a significant reduction in efficiency. The best solution to this is a water softener that can improve the quality of the water being used in your boiler. By identifying and removing any hardness in your boiler feed water you will reduce the chance of boiler tube failure and improve your boiler’s efficiency.

2. Boilermate

Boilermate is the best way to prevent corrosion of your boiler’s water tubes. Miura’s Boilermate is composed primarily of silica, which is an organic and environmentally-friendly ingredient that helps to nullify the corrosive ions in water that can cause tube corrosion. It’s a safe and effective way to treat your water and keep your boiler’s water tubes in tip-top shape.

3. Chemical Monitoring System

A chemical monitoring system like the one offered by Miura includes a chemical level switch, chemical pump error check, and a flow-sensing device. The system will ensure there is a proper delivery of silica coming from your Boilermate to help maximize efficiency and prevent your boiler tubes from being harmed by corrosion.

4. Hardness Detection System

Checking your water’s hardness can be done manually, although that can be a time-consuming activity that doesn’t always yield accurate results. The Colormetry Hardness Detection System solves both of these problems with an automated injection of the reagent that tests for hard water and an alarm that will alert you if hardness in your water supply is detected. This will help you track your water quality, which is directly tied to the longevity of your boiler.

5. Boiler Monitoring and Control

Every Miura boiler includes a BL Micro Controller that will monitor and identify any issues that could potentially hinder steam production. The Controller will also recommend an easy-to-follow solution for any problem that requires a technician with specialized training. The BL Micro Controller can also be accessed by Miura through the company’s remote monitoring system, allowing a Miura representative to talk you through any problem.

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